Welcome to St. Peter’s School, Panchgani!

We celebrate educators and learners who are innovators and share a zest for knowledge.

St. Peter’s School is a prestigious all-boys ICSE Boarding School located in the scenic town of Panchgani in Maharashtra.
Established in 1904, the school has a legacy of over 115 years.
St. Peter’s provides a nurturing environment to actualize the potential of the students to effectively face the challenges that life may throw at them.

Peter’s Post is St. Peter’s School, Panchgani’s official blog.

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  1. Amit Vora

    Its a good initiative
    Data of all almini will help bring all together

  2. Mohsain Shirazi

    A great institution, a great school! Develops students completely to do better each day. To play the game hard but fairly.

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