Last, but the best, their class 10 Eco-Camp had made a separate diary in each one’s heart. When they reached the campsite, they were spellbound to see the new look of Spandan. They were amazed to see two spacious and cosy dorms ready and waiting for them. Mr Rajan Juvekar and his team soon joined them and divided into four groups for the days’ proceedings. During the four-day program, boys were engaged in various activities. It was the test of their endurance while creating and executing obstacle race. During the day the students were taken towards the Triveni Point to observe the ecological aura of the place and creating a program, Tree my friend. They enjoyed the trek and nature. As the day prolonged the intensity of activity grew, they were competing with each other in the treasure hunt and hack sac rugby game.

The task of decorating the display area for the group was a challenge as they had to search for the resource available from the vicinity.

Without teamwork and coordination, none of the activities would have been executed. the trust factor was the need of the hour. Mr Rajan shared with the student’s story related to life learning values and to think out of the box. These experiences which the student got from the activities really boosted their morale. It was not just a camp but a lifelong memory to carry forward in once life and for the services of our society as a whole.

Of course, the food at Spandan was really good and we thank the working staff of Spandan Mr Rajan and his team. We also express our sincere gratitude to Dr Noronha, our Principal as for his kind support. While leaving the campus, we recalled the past memories of the Eco Camps we had experienced before. Who knows when we would come back here again? The memories that we had gathered in the course of time will always remain in our hearts.

Class Teachers:

Class 10A – Mr Prasanna Kelkar

Class 10B – Mr Mathew Skariah

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