One of the greatest advantages extracurricular activities give us is “real world” skills. Skills like teamwork, time management, analytical thinking, leadership, public speaking and so on. Participating in such activities is a healthy break from the regular curriculum that helps in increasing our brain function by enhancing our concentration, which automatically contributes to higher grades. One cannot underestimate the value of speech and expression in life, especially in this era where it’s very crucial to express our thoughts properly, one should be aware of how and where to present their thoughts & opinions. To fulfill these objectives, our school keeps on training us for the same through extempore and debates which not only make us better orators but also helps us to sharpens our wits and intelligence. 

A three-day inter-house debate competition was organized by our English department for classes VIII, IX & X in which participants from all the houses presented their views on the following topics: 

  1. The growing level of competition is good for the development of teenagers
  2. Girls are higher achievers than boys.
  3. Overindulgence is making children selfish and self–centered.
  4. Marks scored by students in exam reflect their knowledge.
  5. Brain Drain is not a bane for developing countries.
  6. Science and religion can go hand in hand.

The competition had three rounds held on 24th June, 1st July and 8th July 2019, and the round robin format was used. All the participants had worked hard under the supervision of their respective House-Masters. Our esteemed panel of judges not only gave a patient hearing to all the participants but also shared their views on students’ performances & expressed their opinions on the topics of the debate. In the rebuttal round, the students came out with some very relevant questions, which were answered logically by the participants.

Ashlin House & Cornwill House stood at first position whereas at third Position we had Drury House & Rowan House. 
Master Om Singh – Class 9 B

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