The hospital at St. Peter’s plays a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of the school 24×7. This year in July, the school hospital conducted an annual medical camp for all students. The doctor & team had come from Chowgule Mediconsult. This camp was held on 25 & 26 July 2019. Under the supervision of Dr Deep Kumar Sugandh (Senior Physician). the physical examination of all students was conducted. Whereas Dr R.Doshi conducted the Dental Examination. This camp had three ophthalmic technicians present and under the supervision of Dr H. Qureshi, they all conducted Ophthalmic Examination for various reasons, like Myopia Management, Color vision, Cyclopia, Potasis color vision. About 48 students were found afflicted with such problems. Mr. Sagar Adawade and Mr Niraj Chavan (the senior technician) conducted spirometry, the lung health examination and the audiometric hearing examination was conducted by the technician Mr R.Sen. All our students were benefitted in their various medical problems cause of this medical check-up. The medical reports were collected by our parents. Our school hospital in-charge Sr. Rebecca played an important role in this two-day medical check-up and ensured that everything went on well and safe. After the second day, she quoted “I must say proudly that the entire medical checkup programme was very well organized and I could manage it with the help of school teachers who were responsible to supervise their class. Also, the Chowgule Doctors were very happy to report me that students gave good co-operation while their checkup. I thank our school Principal and Management to enhance the good practice of this health check-up by ensuring the medical result which is recorded with parents as well as by school”.

The school doctor Dr Abhay Deshpande recommended and organized influenza, swine flu vaccine for all students. He gave them a vaccine named SANOFI PASTEUR which was briefed to the parents on 20th July in PTA meet, being prevention from the monsoon sickness. As a result, almost all the parents of our students sent their consent to go ahead and give this vaccine to their ward/son. This vaccination was also given to the school staff and co-staff members. – Sr. Rebecca Eleson

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