We all say boarding school friends are like family, but what does that really mean? and how does this work? Apart from love, what makes these friendships so precious and enduring? This question, answered by a few friends with boarding experience, depicts the true nature of these relationships.


Boarding School is a time of formative experiences and these people who become our close friends are not only catalysts, but also witnesses to our development and transformation. Therefore, they are not only the catalysts but also active participants, wherein they know “what we were and what we’ve become”. They are like the proof of the continuity of ourselves. They are the anchors who are connected to our deepest fears and our greatest achievements of growth. So much happens in those years of staying away from home, and much is learned and absorbed, such that these “characters” we encounter in our adolescence are the archetypes to our very own history.


Boarding school comes with a built-in social life, which means that your children will be living with their friends, which is fun and a learning experience. Many children want to go to boarding school for this very reason (after all, they’ve probably all read Harry Potter and love the idea of roaming around school at all hours, having adventures with their friends). Furthermore, it is a great option for an only child, who does not have siblings to play with, back home. This lifestyle is not just fun, though. It develops your child’s confidence because they are forced to interact with other children constantly, and they’ll be learning to get along with people with different personalities, which is a useful skill for life.


Here at St. Peter’s, we stress on the development of interpersonal skills and the environment here promotes a lifetime of friendship as testified by our very own alumni. These are the friendships that must be cherished and these are the friends that never leave your side no matter how far away they may be.


Viva la St. Peter’s


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