St. Peter’s School is an institution that accepts the notion that for contributing towards making a society better one shall strive for constant self-analysis and improve in a positive direction. This enables the institute’s focus on the intellectual development of its staff to furnish them with the inspiration of building better individuals for society. One session among such development programs was conducted in the form of “Going Within” Workshop, designed & organized by our mentors Mr. Ravi Hooja & Ms. Nasreen Hashambhoy for both Academic and Non-academic team members in the School’s Assembly Hall on June 14, 2019.

Introducing the Concept of ‘Power of Belief’ Mr. Hooja discussed how our thoughts become our actions… habits…values, which in turn reflect upon our destiny as they are the basis of our belief system. The idea of making our thoughts powerful enough & keeping faith in ourselves so that we can convert them into our actions in a more confident manner was the essence of this workshop.

One cannot deny the fact that our mindset plays a pivotal role in everything we do, acceptance of challenges and working with an optimistic attitude is of prime importance for achieving our full potential in the long run & eventually leading to success. ‘Change in Mindset’ is one of the key components in strengthening our thoughts in the process of being better and better.

Apart from theory, a practical understanding of these skills was inculcated through various activities & exercises in which the participants interacted with each other so that they get to know one another better as individuals. We also witnessed a few interesting video clips based on true stories depicting the Power of Attitude.

As professionals and part of the institute, we were also made aware of the deposits and withdrawals from our Emotional Bank Account & the importance of creating a positive Bank balance. Healthy communication has the power to overcome all the obstacles. Our body language should consist of respect for the person, eye contact is one essential part of this. Participants in the workshop came across the eye contact drill which enabled everybody to learn how to be comfortable and feel more confident while communicating with strangers.

One can’t miss the importance of experiencing and expressing ‘Gratitude’ to strengthen relationships, it creates positive waves within the other person’s mind-affecting their wellbeing. Therefore it is very important to express gratitude to both good events as well as not so good events in our lives & when one’s efforts are valued and appreciated, it brings happiness to people & boosts their confidence. Keeping the aura of positivity in mind towards the end of the workshop, participants acknowledged one another by awarding the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ which was the most overwhelming part of the workshop.

As the title of the workshop suggests ‘Going Within’, was a very powerful session to focus on the internal development and growth of every individual and maintaining positive vibes among all to take the institution to greater heights and to make oneself a better individual. 

Ms. Sandhya Pisal
Junior Supervisor

Peters Panchgani

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