“The most important contribution of sports in children’s life is the enhancement of physical and mental development of children.”

Boys being boys love playing rough sports. Volleyball is one among such games which balances the roughness with discipline. The whole game is based on intuition, imagination but most of all of the reciprocity of teamwork. There is no way to freelance in volleyball as it can never go right without interaction. It is a game of coordination & faith. To incorporate the same and help them gain the benefits of playing any kind of sports, an inter-house volleyball match was organized on 15th October 2019. Another day full of energy and excitement at St. Peter’s school for students as well as the House Masters and teachers. The players were ready for the tournament, everyone had practised hard & finally, it was the time of competing with each other for their houses.

Wining & losing are part of the game, participation is what matters someone wins and someone loses and what is important is to learn is that there is always a next. Ashlin House won the Competition followed by Rowan, Cornwill & Drury bagging second, third and fourth position. The matches were played among the Houses as given below:-

Houses Match 1 Match 2 Match 3
Ashlin Cornwill Drury Rowan Ashlin v/s Rowan Cornwill v/s Rowan Ashlin v/s Cornwill
Cornwill v/s Drury Ashlin v/s Drury Drury v/s Rowan

-A report by Master Janil Darji and Master Niraj Jain of Class VIII A

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