Sunday the 22nd of September 2019, clear sky morning after days of continuous rainfall in Panchgani, it was time for the 4th edition of Ravine Marathon. The students of St. Peter’s were all set to conquer the mountain run. Around 150 of our students participated in different categories – 5km & 10km run. Not only the students but also a few members of our staff conquered the mountain run by running the 10km run. Whereas our sports teacher did the 21km run.


Boys being boys, they enjoyed to the fullest. The excitement to complete the marathon while going up and down the hills, giving them enough energy throughout the run.

While these runners had fun running the marathon. The other group was happy being the helping hand for them. The Volunteers team of our school ensured that the required support was given to the runners by offering them Medical and Energy booster help.

The overall event was a great experience for our boys, where they had this opportunity to run along with the pacers and regular runners. This also helped them to exchange words and take guidance on why it is important to keep the human body fit and how walking/jogging/running plays a huge role in maintaining fitness.

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