Venue: Spandan Camp Site, Mahabaleshwar E

Date: September 12, 2019

A three day Eco- Camp was arranged for all of us, the students of standard 8 at Spandan, a campsite located 6 km from our school near Mapro Garden on Mahabaleshwar road. We were very excited about one of the most awaited activities in our curriculum. After reporting around 2:30 pm on 12 September, 2019, our instructor Mr. Rajan divided us into 4 groups, each consisting of 12 students & sent us to relax and settle in our respective dorms. Then came the time of commencing the actual fun, around 4:30 pm began our First Activity – STOP & WALK. It taught us about how concentration is very essential for us as students.

With various levels and a lot of practice of this activity, the first day came to an end after which we had a delicious meal.

Day-2, 13.09.2019, Day began with a visit to Triveni point for morning jogs, where we experienced a morning full of beautiful landscapes and fresh air. After reporting at 8:30 am the first game we played was dog & the bone, it taught us about speed and trickery. It was wonderful & full of entertainment. Next was the Kud-Kudi game, which taught us to be tough, to balance and to have a steady presence of mind. We also learned to work in a team and be patient from today’s activities.

Day-3, 14.09.2019 had the best game of all. It was the treasure hunt. After which activities like the bead collecting and balloon blasting were part of the session. Those activities not only helped us in developing our skills of how to plan things strategically, be fast, co-ordination and using accuracy but also brought us understanding & importance of being together & help the fellow mates. At night we had to perform a presentation in which each group discussed about their learning in the eco camp. It was truly entertaining and full of knowledge.

15.09.2019 was our last day of the eco-camp, games like number finding & jumping stones were enjoyed by all our classmates. They helped us in increasing our observation and interpretation levels while teaching us how to focus and balance ourselves.

We thank our respected Principal Sir, Supervisors, activity heads & most importantly our class teachers Mr. Adhav & Mr. Mandhare who along with Mr. Rajan and his team had organized this camp for us. The camp was wonderful. Along with having fun, we also got to learn many social & moral values.

Master Arjun Iyer & Master Vrushank Gandhi

Class 8

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